Simple Check if CD inserted


I’m working with NeroAPI for two days now, and i must say I like it very much.

I got one problem though,

Becouse the procedure of burning files (with multisession) is different if CD is empty or if it already contains some sessions…

First I take a look at it with NeroCDInfo(), which returns me NULL
if A) there is no CD
B) there is no sessions

becouse of invoking NeroBurn() is different if I want to add a session or burn first session, I don’t like NeroBurn() command to request for CD… (after I supplied it maybe the wrong NERO_ISO_ITEM tree)

Did I complicate it? well, how to check if CD is inserted or not?


I also need to check if empty CD/DVD is interted.

I think NeroCDInfo() returns NULL ONLY when there is no disc. I tried it with various media and it seems like it returns valid pointer for brand new blank media. Can anyone confirm this?

So, is it a correct assumption that if NeroCDInfo() returns a valid pointer, that means there is a disc inside?

Also, is it a correct to assume that if (m_NeroCDInfo->ncdiNumTracks == 0) then the disc is empty?



dys, seems like we’re in the same quest.

as far as i can tell, for CD-RW

pncdinfo = NeroGetCDInfo (ndhDeviceHandle, 0);

results in pncdinfo being NULL if there is a blank CD or if there is no CD.

(using Nero and latest NeroAPI)

If there is no disc inserted (or other error), NeroGetCDInfo will return NULL. If non-NULL, the returned value is a valid pointer to a NERO_CD_INFO. If ncdiNumTracks field is zero, the disc is empty (has no tracks).

thanks for the info.

After additional testing i’ve come to the same conclusion,

thank you alexp!