Simple CD ripping query

I’m new to the world of ripping CD’s and DVD’s and I need to be able to rip an audio CD to mp3 format so that I can play it on an iPod. When I view the CD tracks in windows explorer I can see all of the files as .cda files. Each one is only 1KB in size and can’t be copied by simple drag and drop. I figured there is obviously some file protection going on here that I need to get around.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a suitable help page or give me some simple tips.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have iTunes?

Hi & Welcome.

There’s no protection that prevents you seeing the tracks on the CD. That’s just how they are presented to anyone looking at it.

To rip to mp3 you need Cdex or EAC (Exact Audio Copy) which are both free & do an excellent job. My personal preference is CDex but others would prefer EAC.

Thanks for the welcome and the help. I’ll give those programs a shot and see what happens.

I reply to the other chap - I’m buying my iPod sometime this week but I do plan on using iTunes at some point. Did you have further advice on what I should do if I use iTunes?