Simple cd copy on an icon

I’m looking for a simple program shortcut that i can stick on my moms desktop that will easly let her copy her music CDs without being complicated at all. It has to be able to copy the cd to the hardrive and then write it. Does anyone have any ideas of a program that would be good for this?

CloneCD wizard might do the trick.

Or Nero Wizard is good too. The wizard walks you through the creation of a CD (be it audio or data).

Don’t think there is a single click copy…

Much as I hate to recommend the program (coz I despise it), Easy CD Creator has a no-brainer cd-copy function that can be accessed from the icon it installs to the windows desktop.

I’m sure you’ll have no problems configuring it for your mum so as either to copy on-the-fly or make a temporary hard drive image and then write the copy as you think fit.

The easiest program to use would be CloneCD, but you could only do images of cd’s, not mp3’s on your hd. Another program that is easy to use is MP3 CD Maker, but I don’t at present have a website for youto download. If you post your email, I can send you more info about this program. This program converts your mp3’s to wave automatically and your backups play just fine on any car stereo, boombox (so forth, so on) :smiley:

MP3 CD Maker 1.8:

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Or you could download the commandline CD burning tool cdrdao and write a batch file for it.
Click the batch file and Woila…