Simple CD Burning software

Not sure where this should go but I am looking for a simple CD burning program. I have looked at a number of them and there is too much bells and whistles that I don’t need. I am looking for something that will allow me to burn my audiobooks from Audible to an MP3 disc. The way they download the books is in a .aa format. I have to convert them to MP3 with a converter, no problem. They also put them in Part 1 and Part 2 which can be a problem especially if you take the disc out for some reason and it will start back at the beginning. I would like to break the parts into so-called chapters so finding a spot would be easier. Something that I can import the book into the burner, break it up into chapters and burn. Anything out there? Free or even buying it would be OK, as long as it wasn’t to bad. Thanks


you need then to split your mp3 files into single files eah one holding a chapter. MP3Direct Cutmight be suitable for this job.
You can then use any CD burning software you like to create your data disc from the bunch of files you made.


Probably the simplest and most useful

if your looking for free ware try it simple and it burns it a converter audio to disk

After creating the large .mp3 use the program mciahel posted to cut the .mp3 into several.
Then use ImgBurn to burn the .mp3’s to CD disc.
Unless you know your DVD player will play .mp3 recorded on a DVD disc.