Simple burning software? Does it exit?

Need a good, clean, quick, simple burner for making data backups. I have 4 or 5 programs but none are simple and quick enough.

Mostly I use Nero Express, but to get that I have to install various other Nero junk [sic]. I tried using Roxio but it’s unbelievably bloated. Deepburner seemed OK. ImgBurn has a horrible interface.

Make my day, will you? Something brilliant and clean, crisp, to the point, not trying to do everything, no need to copy movies, crack anything (got all that), no need to do anything but make data backups, copy a few CDs or DVDs.

Small, simple, lightweight, quick. Good UI. Etc.

Please. Anyone?

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Perhaps try CDBurnerXP Pro. I don’t use it much as I’m happy with ImgBurn but it might suit.

You might also try burnatonce.


For simplicity Deepburner.
I came across another easy to use one made by AVS Media, but I can’t remember its name off hand.

Use windows CD/DVD burner. Just insert a blank CD/DVD and copy + paste files into it. Right click and “close session” when you’re finished.

You’re probably thinking of AVS Disc Creator FREE.

I don’t use it myself, preferring to use ImgBurn (build mode) for simple projects and UltraISO or Nero for more complex stuff.

Only does DVDs in Vista I think. Horrible bit of software really and always recommended against on this forum.