Simple B&W CD Inkjet Printer

Hello Everyone,

I have settled on an inkjet printer but I do not require one that prints colour… all I want is sharp clean black text. One that is fairly compact and low priced is a bonus.

I have about 100 inkjet dvd’s I would like to print my logo on and after that I probably won’t need to do this again for a while. So basically I don’t want to by a fancy printer that just sits here, takes up space, gets dried out and so on…

Does anyone know of a printer that does such a thing? It can either be an all in one and I just won’t use the other stuff or just a designated disc printer.

I have looked into other options such as cheap thermal cd printers but I didn’t really like how most of them appeared to only get about 20-30ish labels per ribbon.

I have looked into having someone do it for me but that costs more than DIY.

I then looked into the dymo disc painter but it is overkill for what I plan to do.

I currently am using lightscribe to do my labels and aside from the fact I find them ugly… they also take way too long.

Thanks for your help

For simple black text and graphics in limited quantity, a thermal (ribbon) printer will give the best results. The media is the least of the expense, but if you need to use your inkjet DVD’s, then a full-color inkjet printer from Epson, Canon or HP will be required. For your needs, the cheapest you can find will suffice.

Thanks for the helpful response… I will look into your ink jet suggestions as I do have to use up my inkjet media…

I have found several Epson R280 and R260’s on for $50 or less. I only buy the ones that come new and still sealed. Many people have got these free with the purchase of a camera or computer. Make sure that the printer IS new and unopened. Some people who post on craigslist think [U][I]like-new[/I][/U] is the same AS new. I always open the box and check that the ink is still in the original factory shrink wrap packaging.