Simple advice

hiya everyone
i am going to buy a pioneer 106 dvd writer but would like opinions on the Lite-On LDW-401S before i do.
only asking coz i had a lite-on cdrw drive which didn’t let me down in the past.
it will be purely used for ps2 dvd backups.
many thanks

It’s been over two weeks since i’ve aquired the 401s
and imho it’s been worth every pound. I’ve backed up DVD’s
copy CD’s burn MP3 and it has done exactly what it’s suppose to
do. You can find the 401s at
Last time i looked ccl had it available for £80.14p inc VAT.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

You have to decide if you must have DVD-R/+R or just DVD+R.

The Pioneer 106 support both format and LiteON 401S only support DVD+R.

Pioneer 106 have better burn quality than LiteON 401S.

If you have the money and need dualformat go for Pioneer.

LiteON need to mature a little more. In 1 or 2 firmwareupgrades they probably have improved burnquality.

pioneer it is then.
i have a later series ps2 so dvd+r is the way to go yes