Simms Tech-Sup SUX! CD won't exe.!

Bought Simms Deluxe, Intalled it (Win98SE) worked fine… THEN decided to burn a backup, did so, but the backup would not run past the initial start window of the game, it just “poofs” and its gone. NOW the orriginal CD wont get past the initial screen just like the copy. The game wont run. Their tech supp staff is … well I just wish I worked thier cause I could stay stoned and get paid too. They gave up. I think It may have something to do with the protection routine that loads into my system but all I know is that it ran fine under the same circumstanses and config days earlier untill i made that backup copy? Any advice? Im stummped!
Thanks for any help.


Did you try to uninstall it and make sure no references are pointed to the game???

Try that.