Similar to a duplicator with the ability to burn different titles at one time

I just bought the rights to reproduce and sell about 200 independant films on dvd in my district. I’m hoping to find the best way to store and reproduce them as needed.
Here’s what I’m thinking but I need suggestions:
-I want to have 3 300gb hard drives (to store all the dvd images for quick access) with 4-5gb partitions like the way a duplicator hd works.
-I also want to have 1 dvd-rom for ripping the single layer discs onto the hard drives.
-Then I want 3 dvd writers (NEC or Pio) and I want to have the ability to both; burn 3 copies of the same title and burn 1 copy of 3 different titles depending on the situation

I hope that gives ppl a sense of what I want to do so I need suggestions on:

-Whether or not this is possible
-What case to use
-what CPU I would need
-Controller cards
-power supply

I would just make a duplicator with a hard drive but then I don’t think I would have the option of burn several different titles at once. AM I WRONG?

Much appreciated and cheers to all


OK this is how i would put a duplicator together

For the case I would use a coolermaster Stacker With a good make PSU 500w+

When burning 3 different images at the same time at say 8x your putting a lot of Multitasking strain on the system. For that reason i would use a dual core cpu such as AMD’s X2 and a minimum 1gb of memory.

For the motherboard i Like gigabyte boards as they tend to come packed with hardrive controllers.

When burning 3 different images @8x thats a lot of data and to keep up with this rate
I suggest you have 4 hardrives one for the OS and the other 3 for supplying data to the burners. Ideally sata drives as you will want the PATA for your burners.

With a system like this you should not have any problems burning 3 different images @8x at the same time.

The most important thing when burning different data to multiple burners is Using different hardrives for each data stream.
Also each of the HD’s having there own controllers would improve the bandwidth to each of the burners.


That was exactly the advice I was looking for. I really appreciate you taking your time to look at all the aspects I was inquiring about. I’ll update as I go along the process of making this system. Just wondering which of the AMD X2s gives the best performance:cost for this type of work. All of the benchmarks i’ve seen only test for gaming and 3d graphics but not moving of large chunks of data (or whatever the appropriate test for this circumstance would be).
Any suggestions?



@ mworts

Before jumping in and making your own homemade DVD Duplicator rig from scratch suggest looking on at purchasing one already made.

Suggest navigating over to eBay and looking at some of the DVD Duplicators they have listed there to get an idea. There are a couple of Acard’s 3 Drive units with 16x NEC DVD Burners that appear to be very reasonably priced.

You might need to do a little tweaking on one of these pre-built units to get it to your liking but it might be better doing that than starting from scratch. Just a suggestion before going through all the hassle of making your own.

Best Regards,

thanks bjkg,
I am totally open to doing that but I would need to know that its possible to tweak a duplicator in a way that I could burn several different titles at a time. If you or anyone has any suggestions on how that could be done, my ears and eyes are wide open.

cheers, thanks again


ps. nice try on the referral but isn’t it against the rules?

There isn’t any tweak that will allow a standalone duplicator to duplicate multiple images to multiple drives, only single image to multiple drives. Multiple images can be stored on internal hard drives of duplicators and recalled to be duplicated but one image will be sent to multiple drives.

the only reason i sugested the AMD X2 is that having dual cores will help with multitasking and it runs pretty cool compared to intels dual core cpu’s.
I would just get the cheapest X2 the 3800 i think.

Just looking at it sata cards are so cheap you could easily have each hardrive on its own controller.

Nero burning rom lets you have multiple instances so using that you could easily burn 3 different images at a time with that using different hds for your data source.

Another thing i think that having the burners each on there own IDE channel would also help so if you get a motherboard try to get one with a IDE raid controller that you can use for the third drive alternatively you can get PCI IDE cards quite cheap.

Rather than trying to split burns from different hard drives, I’d be inclined to go for a SATA Raid, using mirroring, not striping (Raid 1).

If the raid controller is at least half competent, the reads will be dispersed on a “least seek” basis.

Alternately, given the low price of writers, a better answer may be 3 machines each capable of dual burning (though this means only 2 at once of the same title from 1/3 of the set) - and they could all be controlled by virtual display / remote software from a single screen and keyboard.

i my experience of raid controllers and raiding hardrives they never work as good as you would like so if you want to do what matth says you bettter get a good one and read a lot of reviews of their raid 1 performance.

A down side is that with raid 1 using 3 drives you will get a third or the average seek time of 1 drive and almost 3 times faster transfer and redundancy BUT;

  1. The raid will only have the totall space of just one of the drives used in the array
  2. The Write performance is the same as a single drive which is a problem if your extracting data from dvds to your hardrives.