Similar software to Sonics MyDVD?

Guys, I was wondering if there is similar software around that is like Sonics MyDVD?
This is a super simple program that does all I want except for one thing - I can’t tell it what size I want to make the DVD.
I am putting multiple TV episodes (5) on to one dvd blank. I am able to do this by using Chickenmans tute using DVD2SVCD but using MyDVD it ends up being 6gig in size AND there is no way of changing the compression rate.

But I do love the way it is easy and makes moving video menus (you know the ones - the button shows a 15sec clip of the show) - no effort needed.


If its 5 x 45min episodes then your pushing the quailty factor anyway, 4 would be best with a bitrate of around 3000.

But if the final DVD comes out of MyDVD to big, then you can rencode the lot down to size using DVD ReBuilder. It also uses CCE for encoding. Or lower the bitrate (or CD Size in DVD2SVCD) of the 5 original encodes so they do fit.

Thanks for replying, Chickenman.
Once again I am trying to get 5 or 6 22minute TV shows onto a dvd. The originals are in divx/ac3 format and, even though your help before (elsewhere) using dvd2svcd was great and I did use it I am thinking for just a series of tv shows myDVD with it’s easy to use , almost auto style is worth a go - all I really have to do is choose 5 divx andmyDVD nearly does the rest up to burn stage. So I will try it and then use dvd rebuilder and see what it looks like as the final product on my tv.
If it doesn’t workout I am going back to the dvd2svcd way - I know that works.

I have ended up using sonic mydvd, then run the final through dvdshrink to get to dvd size. There is probably a better way but for what I want it does the job fine and most importantly nice and easy.

Then stay with it, the Shrink step doesnt take that much time anyway and is VERY simple to do. DVD2One would be a bit quicker.