Similar software to power MP3 sound recorder and converter 2005?



I bought power MP3 Sound Recorder 2005 , cute and useful piece of software. I am student and I am recording my lessons in mp3 so I can listen all day,when I wallking, driving,etc:) It also have WAV to mp3 external converter what is also very useful. But my favorite part is OSCILOSCOPE, it is practical and gret,and also very fany :slight_smile: Now I am interested is there any similar software FOR SOUND RECORDING FROM MICROPHONE TO MP3 with osciloscope too, but with better osciloscope (It need to cover whole screen, and that I can choose custom color for lines) ? If anybody using similar software that has this options please tell me where to download/buy? power mp3 sound recorder 2005 is great for me, but I need ‘more proffessional’ software :slight_smile:


What exactly is/does oscilloscope? For live microphone recording try Express Dictate.