SimCity hacked for offline play, DRM to blame for disaster?



SimCity hacked for offline play, DRM to blame for disaster?.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The latest version of SimCity which was made practically unplayable since soon after its launch could have been avoided after a Reddit user "AzzerUK" claims to have been able to successfully mod the game to work without any Internet checks.

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I never really cared for any of these Sims games, nor do I care too much for games that require you to make continuous payments to play online. That’s my biggest reason for not buying The Old Republic, as I don’t want to be enslaved by servers. The only reason I use the internet for gaming is for mutiplayer.

However, for those who do play SimCity, this will hopefully be an eye-opener as to how much of a PITA DRM can be. Or, they may have too few braincells left to care, as they probably spend all day either gaming online or watching Youtube cats.


YouTube cats are really funny. Simcity drm is not.

I’m not a fan of either lolcatz, simcity, or drm.

As societies achievements become smaller and smaller, locking our achievements away with drm mechanisms is just stupid.

As it stands, if the human race was wiped out today, given the short lifetimes of most digital technology, and the fragility of most of our technology, any aliens discovering this planet would believe that banging rocks together to build the pyramids was the peak of our technical brilliance.


SimCity hacked for offline play, DRM to blame for disaster?
Yes it is. But not only the DRM. The very weird and insulting responses of publisher Electronic Arts also didn’t make a lot of people happy. This set things in motion way faster that thought possible.


Reading the Amazon comments, the drm and server issues are not the only problems with the game.
after updating the graphics, and improving the gameplay, EAS games has gutted it and tried to turn it into a DLC cash cow.
maps are claustrophobically small, preventing any single city from being self sufficient. expansion costs real money.
building types have been gutted, with dlc upgrades available.
mass transit, other than busses are now DLC.
Sims are stupid as a post, once again, they all create a mass congestion on two lanes of a single road, rather than intelligently use different routes.

Allover, the game is a massive fail.