SimCity 1.0.242 Manual Crack?

I have the initial version of SimCity 4 that was released. The asian pacific version… It has full support for english so I haven’t wasted my time downloading the official english version. So I patched it with the appropriate offical patch to bring it up to 1.0.242 and it would all work great and everything if I could figure out a way to overcome safedisc 2.8.
Every bit of info I can find is about burning games with safedisc. Not cracking a patch. If unsafedisc was updated for 2.8 I wouldn’t be posting this… if there was some other application that I could find I wouldn’t be posting this. Can someone point me in the right direction?

sure… the exit is the 4th door on the right…

close the door while you exit and here are the forum rules.

anyhoo, stop talking about downloading full games and read the threads in the various clonecd/alcohol forums on how to make a successful backup of your (hopefully) original simcity 4