SIMA CT-1 vs. CT-2 (Help please)



I have the CT-1 and have not been able to “stabelize” my VHS tapes to be able to copy them. Plus, I am getting a “Copy Protected, unable to copy” message on a tape I recorded from the TV.

I thought the CT-1 would solve the Macrovision issue. I didn’t get any instructions with it though the hook up is very clear but the adjustment knob doesn’t help since I don’t know what it does.

I can get a CT-2 but it will cost me serious bucks since it has to be shipped to me in Central Mexico.

Also, how old does a VCR have to be to not transmit the Macrovision signal? When did Macrovision start?



Hey Talosian… I went through a lot of this quite some time ago. I have the CT-2 but BigMike7 has the CT-1. Check here for our old thread. I think it may be of help to you. Good luck.


Yo Sportfish;

I spent the last hour looking at the thread you suggested - - - Thanks.

I wasn’t happy with the Xpert DVD maker as I felt it didn’t give me the video quality I wanted. I was also having problems w/the PowerProducer program so I went to Video Advantage from Turtle Beach. I did this because Turtle Beach said it would capture the Closed Caption. Turtle Beach also gave me PowerProducer Express and Power Director. After a very steep learing curve experience and complete frustration with the Cyberlink Tech Support (a bad joke), I got almost everything working. Great quality video and sound but no Closed Caption (yet).

Then I got into the Macrovision/copy protection area. I got a Sima CT-1 and have been using that but it doesn’t seem to really defeat the copy protection. I go for between 8-15 minutes and the recording stops with the “This movie is copy protected” message. I’ll try it a few more times but am not encouraged. If I still have problems, I’ll go back to the Xpert DVD maker and see if it’s any better now since I haven’t tried it with the CT-1.

I just ordered a CT-2 on eBay ($65 including shipping in the U.S.) and hopefully that will resolve the copy protection issues. I also found an old (1985) VCR and am going to get it fixed and see if it will ignore the Macrovision. I read that Macrovision came into use in 1983 so maybe the old Panasonic doesnt’ have the chip or whatever to grab the copy protection.

And the darndest thing is that I am doing this just as a learning experience since I don’t really have any need to convert from VHS to DVD, just enjoy frustration I guess.

Will keep things updated.

Take care all.

David (aka “Spock”)


Hey Dave…I have the CT-2 and Mikey has the CT-1. I don’t believe he’s had any trbl. and I know that I haven’t in regards to macrovision and using the Sima product. Sooooo I don’t know what the hell is going on with your situation. Hopefully when you get your CT-2, it will have the directions in it. It’s pretty plain and simple but the only thing I don’t like is that you don’t really know what setting your in as far as normal, enhanced, darken or B + W. Just trial and error with it and I guess I got luckey cuz I made about 40 copies for my grandaughter. All of which turned out great. If yours doesn’t come with the instructions, feel free to PM me and we can make arrangements on getting them to you. Good Luck



I copy my vhs movies to my pc using an ADS PYRO AV/LINK (bought it for $80.00 after rebate), and a panasonic vcr (standard). Perfect copies everytime. No problems with macrovision. I use Adobe Premiere to encode (picked it up on ebay for $40.00). Then I burn with Nero.