SIMA CT-1 stabelizer & Copy Protect on home VHS

I’m trying still to go from VHS to DVD using PowerPdirector and PowerProducer and have a SIMA CT-1 stabelizer. Problems:

  1. When I try to copy a NON-COPY PROTECTED VHS I made a a couple of years ago off TV, I get a “Can not copy this tape as it is copy protected” notice.

Despite the fact I thought I was over my problems by using a single use DVD+R disk, I can’t get sound on some of my clips (should be copy protected) and some still quit after 6-9 seconds.

I thought the SIMA CT-1 would stabelize the VHS signal. No?

I’m at the end of my rope where and ready to give up. It seems I am the only one with these type and many issues. No? Yes?