Sim Coaster Help

my friend burned a copy of the latest hit Sim coaster but the only thing wrong is when the game begins to run it tells me the cd isnt there when it is can anybody help?

Which prog did your friend use?! Think that the copy process failed to make a good copy!! What kind of writer did he use?!
…more info needed! :slight_smile:

he used the adaptec program im not sure what kind of cd writer he has sorry

Did he crack the game before copying it ?.. [ ]

OR he could use Clone cd for Copying the game.


I got another problem with sim coaster, when I start the game it goes fine but when I hit the “start game” button it hangs when he loaded about 50%.
Then I gave it to a friend and he can run it just fine.
Does anybody have the same problem ?

i tryed to use cd clone but im not sure how can i have detailed instructions how to do it.
:slight_smile: ed :slight_smile: