Sim city is getting old and corrupted



I have had my sim city disc since rush hour came out and recently they started to get corrupted. I lost some of the prebuilt regions but im not worried about that. So i copied both disc (what i could) and merged the installer to not request i put the second disc in (trying to install from hard drive theres no burner) an i go through install perfectly and when it starts up it says please insert sim city deluxe play disc (which is what was disc 2 which wasn’t used at all during install, i modified the installer list). and if i do try to do disc 2 without emulation (which s how i want to turn it) it wont check anywhere but the cd drive any ideas on how to fix this???

edit: i think it may be that since cd1 had to be in and then cd 2 in the 2nd drive cd2 would be able to autostart which is not the case so is there anyway i can click the play button and somehow open RunGame.exe (starts cd2) at the same time???