Sim city 4

i used daemon to run the 2 .iso files and installed sim city 4 deluxe and when i go to play the game all i get is the bridge picure…task manager says its running but i cant accualy play it…any help please!

Will the game run if you use the original game CD’s?

2 .iso files
.iso files dont hold the necessary Copy Protection Data the Guard Module Relys on to run the game. Even as a mounted image the game wont run. Create the image’s from the originals as MDS/MDF, CCD, or BWT.(using the appropriate software) Sim City 4 uses Safedisc 2.9 which is the first of the nasty hardware dependant protections released.

I don’t know what you guys are doing, but I read the Sim City Deluxe Disc with clony xxl, went to alcoholer read what clony xxl said, ran alcohol 120% with alcoholer’s settings, dumped it to my hard drive and used daemons tools to mount the image with emulation set to safedisc. This worked perfect. I also used alcohol 120% to burn the image which also worked perfectly.