Sim City 4 problem

Ok, I know Sim City 4 has Safedisc 2.9 because of ClonyXXL, so I can’t use CloneCD since 2.9 has it blacklisted so I heared. I downloaded Alcoholer to find out what settings in Alcohol 120% to use. Then I downloaded Alcohol 120% trial version. Now, the thing is, alcoholer said to have an option on to read pregap data or something like that, but I cant find that option on Alcohol 120. Anyone know what I should do? :confused:

hmm… safedisc 2.9 isnt blacklisted by CloneCD i dont think, only safedisc 3.15+. so iwould reccomend downloading the latest clonecd, if that fails, just use alcohol on the SafeDisc 2/3 profile, read write at 4x, should work fine with a ATIP hider enabled.

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CloneCD would indeed be a good choice for up to SafeDisc 2.9. Just make sure that you have the CloneCD tray running, and the ‘Hide CD-R media’ option enabled.

@bcn_246 Blacklisting (for CloneCD) was introduced in SafeDisc 3.0.

Whats the ATIP hider?

what? i have played call of duty (unpatched) and it plays file with clonecd 4.3 installed, it was 3.15 that i started getting the “emulation software detected” message, i have found safedisc 3.10 as easy to copy as safedisc 2.9, made perfect copies, all they needed was atip hiding.

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Actually SimCity 4 uses safedisc 2.8, SimCity 4 Rush Hour uses safedisc 2.9.

Whoops, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I meant to say SC4 Rush Hour. I keep forgetting they have different protections. Either way, I tried to copy it using CloneCD on a CD-RW (so i dont keep wasting CD-Rs) with that Hide CD-R Media thing in the CloneCD tray, but then it said that an instruction at some memory address refrenced memory at another address, but that the memory could not be “read”

Have you tried playing this from the orginal, or the backup in a different drive?

Yeah, I tried both. Then I tried Alcohol 120%, along with CloneCD Hide CD-R Media on, but the introscreen just stayed up for a very long time. By the way, just out of curiosity, what does that “Hide CD-R Media” do? Oh, and since probably a few of you will tell me to turn on ATIP Hiding, how do I do that?

I have just burned doom 3 2 weeks ago with the latest version of A120%
doom 3 is a safedisc 3.2 protection all i did is set a120% to the required copy protection from the dropdown and burn baby I did not use any special settings. oh yeah i used safedisc 2/3 from the dropdown. I have a plextor 5232A and you only have to hide ATIP when you read a burned copy in a
CD-RW . Hide ATIP is to fool some write protections like safedisc to think that it is reading a standard media and not a writable. this is incorperated in the protection scheme as an additive to make the copy more vulnerable in a CD-RW since most people these days only use CD-RW’s you can download this offline guide here created by the CDfreaks Masters here. find the link

Hide CDR Media is an option to hide ATIP, so that answers both questions.:slight_smile:

Although I think maybe Hide CD-R Media may do more than hide ATIP now.

So, any ideas as to what the game is doing? The original game has the screen stay up for as few seconds, where as the copy hangs around for an indefinate ammount of time, while using up all my computer’s processing power.:frowning:

Random Task,
Backing up the Sims 4 shouldn’t cause a problem…just use
Alcohol 120 lastest version to create an image for the first disk only reading the image at 10/12x,then proceed to write the image at 4x. For the other disks use latest version of CLONECD to create and write. You’ll find that after
installation there’s no need to hide cdr or emulation.
Good Luck!!!


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

So, I have to install it from a burned disc as well? I copied the play disc only and attempted to play it just from that…

Random Task,
You’ll need to install the game from all disks copied. The method i gave you worked perfectly ok for me. I first tried copying all disks
using CLONECD only but could not get the game to run without HIDE CDR or
EMULATION. Once i copied the first disk only using ALCOHOL, and then the
subsequent disks using CLONECD i found that installation and playing the
game was no problem.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.