Sim City 3000 CD Key

Hi i’m new here and was wondering if somebody here has the CD key to 2 games? which are
*** for the PC, and *** unlimted, if anybody knows them, plz post them here. thank you.

Please, read forum rules! What you are asking is against forum rules, and is also illegal.

i saw someone else do it in another thread. thats the thread.

And also that thread is against forum rules :wink:

Moreover, you posted the same question in two separate threads, and this is called crossposting, again against forum rules :wink:


(geno will get it)

Hi :slight_smile:
0100111001101111011101000010000001101111011011100110110001111001001000000100011101100101011011100110111100101110 :iagree: :bigsmile:

As already said above.
Please respect our forum rules by not requesting cracks, serials or keys. :cop: