Is SilverBlueCds trustworthy?
Or i have lost my money?
If somebody has experience with him please let me know.
I’m trying to be inconspicuous, forgive me for posting here but i have no idea where else to post.

oeps, I thought you meant the dealer

I use them all the time, I buy them on spindles of 50, but I make sure I get the 12x certified because I have troubles with te ones that are 16x certified.

I have 2 plextor’s 12/10/32s and one 1208 Acer

Silverblues work fine for me. I got 700 mb silver bleus burned already 28… Not even one coaster.

wondering the same question about silver blue cd’s

I also use them

No problems at all :slight_smile:

…ehmmm, i was not referring to cd-r, i was referring to the dealer, anyway, thanks for your help.