Silver or White?

What does everybody prefer when printing onto CD/DVD?

I’ve tried both types and can’t make up my mind! The silver looks nice but the white just has that touch more genuine look to it. It’s a pity I don’t have any hub printable white printable DVD on me at the moment as I’m having to compare a hub printed silver to a normal hub white at the moment.

So glad I got a Epson R320 as I never realized how much I missed my good old R200 :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m going to have to make up my mind soon as I need to stock up while hub printable Riteks are £0.18 each :bigsmile:

Each has its uses - If you are printing stuff with lots of white it will definately look more authentic on white…The silver gives it a holographic type of look… In my opinion I’d say the silvers are great for text, BLACK text and yes even some designs… Most music CDs use a shiny surface anyways… :slight_smile: Be warned - if you are printing photos on a silver surface you will get different results with your colours of course.

It’s a question of taste. I like both. :smiley:

I LOVE silver for clear-cut graphics - like simple designs, patterns etc.

For anything with a lot of variation in colour etc, white is the way to go IMO.

Indeed, it’s a question of taste :slight_smile: