Silver or Gold recording surface

Hello all,

I am finishing up a project, the will be burned to dvd. However I need it to look as professional as possible, and the blue/purple dye on dvd -/+ r just doesnt cut it. Is there any media available with a silver or gold recording surface?

So far, these have been the only thing I can find.



Avoid anything but the usual top quality DVD’s. (You’re stuck with purple). If you want the project to make a positive impression, having the discs actually be readable in a variety of drives is the best approach. For that, either DVD-R or DVD+R with bitsetting to DVD-ROM.

Nothing will make a worse impression than having the discs returned cause they won’t read.
The MAM discs you cite will use the same colored dye as any other. It’s the reflective layer that’s gold. So, the gold color will be most visible from the back. The recording side will be slightly different, but not hugely.

Also, given the physical structure of a DVD, compared to CDR, MAM’s claim that it will last longer than silver is highly speculative.

Ahhh… I was afriad of that. Really its too bad they cant figure something out to make it appear as a regular disc.


You could send your master off to have it pressed. :wink:

I have been thinking about it, but as a limited editioned art “object” i only need about 25, and i cant find a place that will produce a glass master for less than a 500 run. any suggestions?

Yes, get some top quality DVD media and be glad it’s reliable. :wink:

Do they make lightscribe DVD-R media? It’s purple on the back, but you can at least label it quite professionally!

I have a lightscribe burner, but i’d alsmost rather go inkjet printable to the hub before i used the ls.

i guess it wouldnt all be too bad if i could get a short run digipak for the thing, but you cant even find those in runs under 100. really, for anything under 100-500 the options are very limited.

Hmm. +RW usually has a grey recording surface, but that’s probably not a lot better than purple, and you get the drawbacks of most RW media :frowning:

Yeah, I would hate for someone I need to see the work get a disc that wont play on their player since its “+”.

I would wager to say that most (if not all) of the players that won’t play +Rs set to DVD-ROM booktype won’t play DVD-Rs either (unless it’s an early model keyed to only play -Rs, example: old Toshibas). There is always going to be some level of incompatibility between players and writable dye-based media. Yeah it sucks, but most agree it’s amazing dye-based DVD media works at all (let alone as well and reliably as it does in real life). If you can, try to see if you can get the model of the player they will use to view your disc in. Then check out 's database and burn accordingly. Or include a +R and -R in each package. Marginally more expensive to do so.

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