Silver Line CD's cause computer freeze?


I used to use Silver Line CD’s to burn my data and stuff like that,
recently strange things happend, like when i watch movie from the CD, the Comp freeze…
And it happend to me only with silver line CD’s…
So i put the CD in front of strong light, and i saw a tiny hole…

I guees that the trouble maker… So… i decided to move to another CD company…

I thought of RITEK i heared there CD is in very HIGH quality…
Am i right? is it true that ritek CD are much better and will have a longer shelf life ? even if i use them alot of times in a 52x CD room?

Is it worth the purchase ? or maybe Memorex? or Nashua? or maybe TDK?
Please answer me, cause i burn alot of sensitive data and i want a strong CD…

I heard that TDK is the most quality CD available today, am i right?


no, Taiyo Yuden are the best or Verbatim.

Agreed. Verbatim Pastels are TY, so excellent. Also Verbatim Super AZO are very good & probably easiest to find.

Yep… but i didnt found any CD-4 700MB og this CD’s… there is noly 4.7GB CD’s…

BUT… guys please, is TDK is really in good quality better than ritek, memorex and the others? and will they have along shelf life after all the torture they going throw on the CD room?

:disagree: 4.7gig cd’s???

TY rocks, and the above advice is good,:slight_smile:

I surfed into verbatim site to see more info,
First… why ppl say that the color CD’s are better than the CD’s in the cake?

And whats this “LifaDataPlus”?

Unfortunately the US site describes the media in a totally different way to Europe. My guess is that the Colors are Super AZO as the ones I bought over here (UK) were coloured in the same way. Check out this Europe link

TDK & memorex rebadge crappy media, ie: $hitty Ritek discs or other crap made in china/hongkong.

If you take your work seriously, then you will be willing to pay a bit extra for some decent “Made In Japan” media. These practically guarantee that you won’t be stuck in a years time frantically trying to recover your work, or files from decaying CD/DVD’s.

So… you all say to me to buy only Verbatim…? right? the color one?

Sounds good :wink:

Another Soul Saved :smiley:

Well… Thx for the advice… :flower:

But still i dont understand the difference between the 25 pack color vebatim, to the 50 cake…

Guys… 1 last thing… what the heck is this “DataLife”??? and what is “azo”? is it available on the pastel 100 cake?