Silver Inkjet Printable CD-R

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.
I have silly question about the Silver Inkjet Printable CD-Rs.

Here’s a few links,

  1. I can only see one surface of the silver CD-Rs, is it the upper or the burnable
    surface ?
  2. If its the upper surface, is there any CD-R with SILVER burnable surface ?

Quick replies will be very helpful, thank you.

Reading from your 2nd link it seems more or less clrear:

“The silver printable coating on the CDR is designed to absorb ink-jet or other printer ink, prevent smearing, and provides higher quality in color printing”.

So, if it is silver printable coating it must be the side opposite to the burnable side, if it is the upper surface or not it will depend how you look at the disc (just a joke…)

You can find gold burnable and depending on the dye, blue, green and silver looking surfaces. I don’t know if there is some one that for marketing reasons they claim to be “silver coated”+

Understood, and thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

So anyone can post or name CD-Rs (printable) with silver burnable surface ?
So far I haven’t suceeded to find any… found only blue, golden etc. etc.

Thanks for any help.

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