Silver burnable surface (inkjet printable)

Hello guys,

I’m looking for Inkjet printable CD-Rs with Silver top and bottom.
So far I haven’t found any media with Silver burnable surface, I would like the ones which would look like a pressed CD after the burn it or any other inkjet media with silver burnable surface will do.

I hope someone can help me out. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

…to make them look like pressed ones? Useless.
Anyone with a little experience will find out that they are burned ones easily.

I think that such media doesn’t exist - and it cannot, anyway.

will be my best guess atm but the price is crazy and manufacturer not mentioned :slight_smile:

…oops sorry - no silver top on these …

Not that i want to tell everyone its pressed ones… its just a personal preference… Silver top and bottom will do.

@CJ2 Thanks, gottta agree the price is crazy…
Got any other links ?

Thanks for the replies guys.
Just takeen from one of the ads shown at the top of the page, third item down. They are Ritek but Ritek CDs don’t seem to have the same quality problems as the DVDs and others here have said they are a good CD maker.

Does that one have a SILVER burnable surface ?
I can’t see the bootom side on the picture.

All CDRs I have seen have silver burnable side, or should I say generally as I have seen black ones other than that they have all been silver. What colour do you think they would be?

I think it’s actually more blue-like than silver, or?!?

@gregtherotterius Thanks for the link, thats something what i was looking for.

@JayC30 Never used/seen (except the pressed ones) Silver bottom CD-R before. All available CD-Rs here are either blue, golden,purple, light yellow, red and what not…;SESSIONID=83053.1147462795.;STEP=4#5100

Another link to a silver/silver CD.

Silver burnable surface, and the second item is even printable.

Plasmon can be pretty anything, from decent media to even cheaper stuff than CMC. It’s a crapshoot, but could be better than Prodisc.

The plasmons are probably the most close you can get to looking like pressed disc’s.
Still if you know what your looking for you can see the difference allways.
Don’t know about the quality of these. With plasmon it is like said quite mixed.
From very good to crappy point here is that plasmon supplies the technology and then the real manufacturer decides the end quality completely.

Judging from the FE/TE chart those discs should be okay, but slightly worse than normal branded discs (Sony, TDK…)
I would only use them if there’s a real reason to, I wouldn’t use them for backups or stuff, since I have TDK, Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden discs to do those.

Excellent support guys, thank you very much. :smiley:

The Plasmons looks great. However can someone tell what language is that site.
I need to use a translator.

btw, can anyone interprete the two words on the picture ? (vorne & vinten)
means top and bottom right?

German, german site.

vorne > in front/front side
hinten > backside

Strange I have only ever seen silver, barring the black ones I mentioned, though depending on what angle you look at it it will refract and break up the light much like a prism, but this happens with pressed ones too. I have used many different brands too, but that is also why I said in my post the ones I have seen all have silver burnable side.

EDIT: I have just looked at a sample from all my CDs (Tevion, Traxdata, Datawrite, Datasfe and some printables I can’t name, they all have a silver burnable side)

Hmm… What about Verbatim? Taiyo Yuden? I have some old TDK media which is Metal Azo, and they’re a deep, cool blue. And I also have a Verbatim DataLifePlus MIS CD-R which is at least eight years old, and it has a deep, cool blue too. Sadly this kind of media isn’t produced anymore. :frowning:

I could tell long stories about green cyanine, blue azo and yellow phthalocyanine and about short and long strategy dyes, but I think this is not needed… :wink:

JayC30: The phthalocyanine media you’re talking about is slightly greenish or yellowish compared to real pressed CDs. This is the UV protection additives which are added to the dye.

Must be my eyes then as I can’t see any tinge of colour to them even when next to the pressed ones. I will concede it is there and off to the optitions on Monday to get my eyes checked.

i have cd-R and Dvd_r with silver surface and they are injekt printable

i have cd-R and Dvd_r with silver surface and they are injekt printable