Silver/ Black CDRs



Has anyone used these new Silver/ Black CDRs?

They basically look just like a PSX CD at the bottom. Nugen make some called Playgrade.

I bought 5 by a company called "Mirror".

The first one died during writing. The second one wrote out OK, but has never booted on my PSX, goes to Memory Card screen.

Just wondered if anyone else out there had tried similar CDs, they are supposed to be designed especially for Consoles, but I ain't having much luck so far. They look like Legit PSX CDs. I'm interested in hearing about other people who have tried similar CDRs and what results they got.


Those black-bottom CD-R’s are substandard junk IMHO. None of them work nearly as well as Verbatim DLP’s or even CompUSA generic brand…

Stay away… they’re overpriced and worthless.

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