Silver bezel for PX 716A - where?

Hi guys.

According to this photo there is not only white or black bezel for Plex PX-716A do exist, but also a silver one:

Since I have silver case, I’d like to change the “face” of my plex to silver. So the question is: where can I buy the silver bezel for my drive ? Does anyone know ?

With best regards, Tapirex

They were only available to people who preordered the PX-716A at Softmap in Japan.

I have a silver case as well and when I looked at the picture on the box assumed it had a silver bezel. I am a little colour blind though. I will email Plextor to see if they have any and Post back if they answer. :slight_smile:

I need to amend my post a bit, the silver bezel was a limited time deal at the Softmap stores in Japan. I don’t think they were limited to preorders, just all orders until they ran out. On a somewhat OT note, I wonder why the black bezel for the 716A in the US doesn’t have the PX-716A model number on it or the Plextor logo while the one for Japan does.

Read your post and checked mine, (No Logo). Canada must get them from the US.

My european retail version has both the Plextor Logo and the drive type printed on the black bezel …

Mine too.

Mine too(Also European)

I know I’m probably going to look like the uber geek for this one,
but I actually called the Plextor company about this. :o :bigsmile:
I was bounced from one department to another, until finally someone was able to answer my question.

The only thing that actually differs from the UK/Japan version and the US version, is the tray mask.

The bezel itself is exactly the same.

You can blame the OEM/System Builders in the US for this. :a
According to the Plextor representative,
the majority of US OEM/System Builders prefer the drive not to bear the Plextor logo or model number.
Based on this, a corporate decision was made not to include the brand or model number
on the tray masks that ship with the US versions of the drive.
Business, I guess…

He added that only the European and Japanese versions have the logo/model number on the tray mask.
Of course, I then asked him if it was possible to have the tray mask specially ordered from Europe or Japan.
To my surprise, he informed me that I wasn’t the first to call and request this. :stuck_out_tongue:
Furthermore, as a result of the various requests for these tray masks,
they previously attempted to contact the European and Japanese divisions in regards to this.
Not only did they both refuse to ship the tray masks, but the drives altogether.
He went on to explain that the divisions in Europe and Japan are completely separate from the US division.
And that the reason for their refusal was due to some shipping conflicts.
Politics, I guess…

Anyhow, he suggested that I check on eBay or for online stores in the UK that ship to the US.
I then asked him how that would be possible given the said conflict.
He replied, “They shouldn’t do it, but some still do.”
Moola, I guess… :wink:

Thanks for the answer, Two Degrees. Now the situation is clear.

If I understand correctly, the only way to get silver bezel is to find someone from Japan who bought a drive earlier at Softmap and to buy/change a bezel from him. Seems to be not very easy task :slight_smile:

P.S. I gonna also ask Plextor Europe, but I doubt they have some.

…or you could get some handy-dandy metallic model paint and make your own–but then you wouldn’t have any labels on the bezel. :frowning: