Silly question 3500A audio cd burn

I just got the 3500A. Bit suprised when burning me first audio cd to find it only does it at 32x? is this just my system, or the max capability of the drive? Ta.

mine burns up to 48x, sounds like you might be media restricted or the drive dose not like yor cdr’s :confused:

Weird. I usnig 48x capable memorex CDRs - when I stick them in it says max speed 32x. hmm. maybe its coz i updated the firmware as soon as i put it in - jiggy’s one i think, 2.17;

sometimes the burner can be very picky ,you should use dvdinfopro to get the media id and avalable write speeds from the cdr before writing. if avalable.
i use cmc media cheap and crap cdr’s and can achive 48x burning, but sometime my drive wont reed the media after writing until a system reboot.

strange things happed :eek:

PS. whats your firmware ver. ???
attached is a example of a media id from my cdr