Silk Screen Labels? Where How

Ive read 100 different threads on DVD printing, Inkjet,Thermal,Lightscribe,Flash etc etc… But what ive come across is the only way to get store bought quality pictures on the dvd is through silk screening?

Is anything comparable?

Where can I get a silk screener?

Whats second best behind silk screening?

And I know you can send in dvds to a company and get silk screening for a fee, But if I wanted to do a store bought dvd backup they wouldnt allow that anyway…

I don’t think creating the silk screen for each different artwork would be an easy feat either…BLAH!!!

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Have you tried google?

Of course…I guess I’ll have to spend $5,000 on the TEAC-55 thermal printer, Claims to print BETTER then silk screening… Professional quality anyway…

In the time i have been here i have seen no one with much info on silk screening. Not much here on thermal printing either. We go the cheaper route with inkjet printers.

This is not a duplicating site so to speak. Just users copying/making backups of their originals.

Actually offset is the prefered mehtod for full color printing now, if you are doing 6 or less colors, than offset is still the prefered method (cost reasons) for replicated, high volume discs. The P55 can do thermal-retransfer or dye-sub, both of which actually will produce a print that is comperable to offset or silkscreen. Rimage also produces a printer that does thermal retransfer only, the Everest 600. As you alluded too, both of these printers are in the 5k+ range but really do produce a industrial quality print.

If you’re going to do mono-chrome the PrismPlus! buy Rimage does a wonderful job of emulating silkscreen, but beyond 1 color (a base ink color) I’d shy away. Even though they make a CMY ribbon, unless it’s 100% of 1 color it prints like garbage. This printer also doesn’t have the durability of thermal retransfer printing. The advantage - it’s cheap and fast. Full coverage disc costs under 5 cents and takes less than 5 seconds to print.