Silicon PCI to 2-port IDE ISSUES!

Okay so this is really an image controller problem (I think). Unfortunately I can’t find the original install CD.

Oh and hello. Desperation has driven me here, hope you all can help.

Okay first off I have XP Home, SP2, running on a year old Dell. I bought it used but only had one IDE slot that being used by my cd reader/burner +DVD. The 80GB Maxtor HD is RAID and I have my older 150GB HD with all my stuff on it that I couldn’t use. I bought a Silicon PCI to 2 port IDE card (SiI0680 or SiI0680A). Now it worked great! …for a while. Until I downloaded a file I need from Microsoft with a few addition optional updates. Well I don’t know quite what happened but now its being read by XP as a DVD drive… its not.

When I boot up my comp it reads my graphics card, then the Dell logo, then my Silicon SATA thingy. SO I know that my computer is recognizing it. When I get into the device manager and get into ‘SCSI and RAID controllers’, both my ‘D347PRT SCSI Controller’ and ‘Silicon Image SiI 0680 ATA/133 Controller’ appears with no exclemation. Upon going to ‘Properties’ for the Silicon Controller the driver is up to date and all seems well.

But when I go into the ‘Control Panel’ there’s an icon for ‘Silicon Image SATA Controller’. When I click on it everything is blank. Tabs ‘Device Info’ is all blank with a section that says ‘Device Location’ with a phantom drop down menu that says ‘<No controller selected>’. But like I said its unavailable. Theres a second tab that reads ‘Flash BIOS’ that is also all blank a phantom browse button.

Now I’m no computer wiz but I figured the BIOS was erased when the stupid update was installed(which I can’t seem to figure out how to uninstall). So I downloaded the latest Driver and BIOS from Silicon’s site. Well I managed to get the drive updated but the BIOS isn’t working out. I have no A: drive and the file(and then FILES) I put onto a cd, my comp wouldn’t boot from. The order is CD>HD>PCI IDE card but it says something(hmm might be important) and asks me to hit F1 to retry or F2 to go to the boot order menu. I eventually have to restart my comp. Grrr.

Help? I know that was alot to read everyone Thanks!

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum.

Yoy can do a System Restore and take your system back to before you downloaded from Microsoft.

Oh… yeah. Duh forgot about that, lol. But I downloaded it probably a month ago. I’d loose alot of shit right?

THANK YOU for replying to me!

He he yeahh… that worked pretty well. Thanks jbv.

Your welcome.