Silicon Mountain introduces HDTV hybrid

I just posted the article Silicon Mountain introduces HDTV hybrid.

Silicon Mountain has introduced two new high-definition LCD TV models that have fully-integrated PC, Blu-ray, CD and DVD players built directly into the TV.
The new 32 and 42-inch Allio HDTVs have…

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Prolly loaded to the gills with WinTel hardware and software DRM controls too.

Clippy pops on the screen and says: “Are you ready for some FOOTBAAAALL!?!?”

“We are sorry, but NFL games cannot be recorded!” The Microsoft Media Team.

“In order to bring you this highly compressed HD re-broadcast of “The Matrix” we have disabled commercial skip and fast forward. Please set back and enjoy the show. It should take about 4 hours…”

“We are sorry to interrupt this program, but your set needs to be restarted in order to to apply the recently downloaded Windows security updates! Do you wish to re-start now?”

I prefer my components seperate. Less to go wrong that way.