Silicon Image Controller Card not letting windows boot

I bought a silicon image controller card(SIL680-RAID), and i installed the drivers in windows. I restarted it for the settings to take effect, then i shut it down. I hooked up the dvd burner, and when i have any drives hooked up to the controller card, it just displays what is connected, and it says “press F3 to set raid”, and wont boot into normal windows from the hard drive on the motherboard. I have the jumper on the burner set to cable select. Any suggestions? thanks

hmm, never tried a burner on mine with the raid bios, i suggest booting into windows with nothing attached and see if the driver has installed properly by going into device manager is this the latest driver?

I had the same problem. With nothing attached to the card t boots fine. With anything attached it wouldn’t boot. Solution: put your boot drive on the SiL card if you can. Also, if your bios has an option to select the SCSI card boot order, you can play with that too if you have more than 1 controller card. I think this conflict has something to do with the Silicon Image SATA controller built into my motherboard.

Would just installing the non-raid driver in windows do anything, so i wouldnt have to put my hard drive onto the controller card? I just want to add one dvd burner at the time. Also, if i were to put my hard drive on the controller card, could i put another cd drive on there as well?

Well when I installed the non-raid driver, it asked me to reboot. I did and windows wouldn’t boot. Then I had to use the boot up menu when you press F8 to select “last known good configuration” Easiset solution is to change the boot drive.

I tried putting my one boot hard drive onto the card, it woudlnt boot since it waited for a raid configuration i guess. How can you flash the bios or memory on the controller card itself to be a non-raid card? is it possible? can you un-do it later on?