Silicon Image 3512 SATA Controller Bad Flash

I attempted to flash my controller in Dos but it seemed as if the flash never took place or that it froze while trying to.

My SATA Controller will longer POST when I boot my PC up. Is there any way that I can re-Flash my bios. I am confused since the Card refuses to POST there is no way for me to gain access to DOS since I can never get past the booting process.

I have once recovered from bad flash, card had no warranty and would freeze computer on boot screen, so i gave this try.

Using old P133 computer (with everything disconnected,) just need floppy drive, let computer boot up to the dos from floppy and hot plug the card (or let pc post, plug card, put in floppy) then run the flashing program. After several attempts at timing the plugging of card i managed to flash it and saved that card. Later on i bought 5 cards for $2 at flea market and manage to re flash 3 out of 5 so it seem to be working sometimes.
(sometimes it helps to remove metal bracket from card so u can plug it as straight and fast as possible)
ohh and im talking about PCI cards, and i didn’t care about cards or pc if they fry

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Interesting I will try this out on my old Dell PIII