Silent wav's after burning in nero



my friend uses cakewalk 10 to make wav files out of his projects. this part works fine, we have made lots of wavs and they all work fine in any program we play them in. however, when we burn them to disc in nero, everything seems fine until the disc is played after burning, when we find that the tracks are completely silent. is this perhaps because of left over drivers from adaptec? the nero homepage had a vague blurb about such matters. anyone else know what would cause this? thanks alot.


This might sound like an obvious question, but does the computer play normal audio cd’s, because I know I have 3 different OS’s, and 3 CDroms/writers, and in win98 2 WRITERS work, but only with analogue audio (DUE TO INTERNAL AUDIO CABLING), while in XP & 2000 all three work with digital audio.
It could be an OS problem.

Does the CD play on an ordinary Audio cd player?

Apart from that, there is one file which sometimes causes that issue in Win 9X/ME
In the x:\windows\system\iosubsys
or x:\windows\system

folders, there is a file called scsi1hlp.vxd or scsi2hlp.vxd (I’ve forgotten which) which can sometimes cause problems like empty data being sent to burners.
This file IS installed by adaptecs aspilayer, so renamiong it to something else and rebooting your machine will ensure that the this file won’t be screwing you around when writing.

Hope that helps you.


yes as far as i know audio cd’s play in the machine. i rmeember because i brought a cd for him to listen to and he used his machine to listen to it. tonight i’m going to try the left over adaptec thing, and wipe out anything it may of left.


samantha67, how do you play them? Double click them, open in WMP…what? Is there really an audio cable from the CD-ROM to the sound card…just askin’.


sorry, it wasn’t something as simple as the audio cable. it ended up being the scsi1hlp.vxd file, as he had installed adaptec/roxio software before.


Like Real Estate and the mantra of “Location, Location, Location” so it is with Nero…“Read the Tool Tips, Read the Tool Tips, Read the Tool Tips!”

This scsi1hlp.vxd is one of the rogue files I keep banging on about.


For Samantha67
Q: Do you know if the program Check CD (a Roxio Product) was used (at least) once before?
I heard from several complains regarding this program causing the effect of Audio CDs with a lot of silence…