Silent playback

Until recently I used my Compaq laptop computer as the sound system in my front room. Been downloading music so tend to play back files through Winamp. Also have a library of Atrac stuff that I play back with Sonicstage

Before Xmas I bought a USB turntable which I’ve been using Audacity to convert to WAv. Unfortunately this has the effect of at least temporarily rendering all other audio programs silent. This at first caused me a great deal of trepidation since I thought the 2 systems couldnot be compatible. & I would have to keep making chhanges to the set up in order to run both audacity & the 2 I mention above. I went away for a couple of weeks & on returning I noticed that the sound had returned for winamp. Through further attempts to use audacity it seemed that sound would be knocked out on winamp but it would return if I came back to it a while (hours?) later.

At the moment it seems that this has ceased to be & I no longer have any sound on Winamp or Sonicstage. Is there something simple I’m overlooking in terms of Sound set up. I’ve tried looking at the audio option on the control panel & can’t see anything obvious there.
Now audacity is also giving up a grey info box saying that the sound settings are wrong.
Have I unwittingly blown a sound card or something?

It sounds like the driver for the turntable has made your usb port the default sound output device. Try uninstalling it to be sure or maybe there is something in the turntable setup that might have to be changed.

Go to device manager, and first of all try to roll back driver. Failing that, uninstall the driver and reinstall from the manfacs website. It’s probably something simple.

well, have managed to get sound back on audacity so obviously ain’t problem with computer making sound.
I’m assuming that other people must be able to get the different sound making programs to play compatibly. Or are people having to reconfigure between the 2 all the time.
will look into the driver roll back thingy if I can work out how.
so thanks.
Am thinking it probably is something simple that I’m just missing cos I’m not 100% sure what I’m looking for.

I’ve now realised that all the sounds for the rest of the computer have been muted. going to the audio set up doesn’t show anything as muted.
but there are no signal sounds coming from anything else.
been burning with imgburn & not got the jingle.
neither sonicstage or winamp is making any sound.
possibly if I knew exactly what the sound set up should be I could work out what was wrong.
but now, even after uninstalling audacity, which was making sound before I uninstalled I have no sound on the computer.