Silent install of AnyDVD?

I’m about to do a fresh install of Windows, and I’m setting up a batch to auto-install practically every software that I use on a regular basis during the WindowsXP setup. So far I’ve got DX9, WMP9, .Net, Nero, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Alcohol, WinRar, Adobe Reader, Quicktime, Opera, Google Toolbar and heck, even Office 2003. The only software I haven’t figured out yet is AnyDVD. If there’s a command-line switch to silently install, I’d be very grateful to find out what it is.

I did a search of the forums, but a search for silent install, auto install and just install yielded nothing related that I could see (first two returned no results at all). Thanks for your time.

SetupAnyDVD /S

(capital S)

Unfortunately the “Do you want to reboot” Window pops up, so it is only “almost silent” …

As the silent option was never officially documented, the “Reboot” dialog was never designed to be silent.
But we will change this in a future release,

With CloneCD the /S function is also possible, but the Reboot-dialog is jumping up.
Is it possible the add the silent install function also to clonecd?

I just checked with the CloneCD developer, and he has added it for the next release.

This is my request to the makers of the installer :wink:


Try to get this switches in the setup.exe for a silent/automated install

/silent = nogui ie no requesters
/noautorun = dont start it when windows start
/noreboot = duh… noreboot
/license=x:\path\Key.AnyDVD = path to regfile


/config=x:\path\setupconfig.txt for config/silent install


Agree = Yes|No

Path = “c:\Program Files\AnyDVD”

RegPath = “x:\path\Key.AnyDVD”

Autorun = Yes|No
Language = “EN”

This is what atleast i think is needed for most installs…

Bogus Byte

Does it come with /S option or something new parameter?

/S, 2004 07 06

  • New: Added “Silent Install” option.
    (SetupAnyDVD.exe /S)

It also works well if you use the /S switches, then call (if XP) %SYS32% askkill.exe /F /IM <APPNAME> . I was able to daisy chaing the installs and applyut he registry keys int his fashion without having to click a thing.

what is a silent install?

Where do you need taskkill now?

what is a silent install?

silent install means that there are no dialogs poping up to ask you where to install or what options to install…

it’s completely running in background, normally even without a task-bar-item…