Silent Hunter III won't read in Plex Premium 1.06 but reads in LIteon



The game will not be read by Plex Premium 1.06 but reads fine in Lite-ON DVD 8x DL.
From what I heard it’s StarForce so how can I back it up.


My Version of Silent Hunter III is a DVD !!!

Plextor Premium can’t read DVD’s !

Do you have one DISC => DVD
or do you have more than one => CD’s ?


WOW I FEEL REALLY STUPID!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks, WOW I feel like my IQ has just broke the floor. :slight_smile:
Anyhow there is not way to copy StarForce right? Especially on a DVD. OH well I guess I have to use the true copy. :frowning: I never liked that since what if I scratch it.


this is really the wrong forum for copy protection but as far as I know starforce has not been sucessfully backed up. go here though for that discussion: