Silent Hill movie

I’m using DVDFab decrypter to copy Silent Hill movie to hard disk is OK.
But when I’m trying Nero to burn to DVD is always got a problem “Out of memory”
Please help me,
Thanks a lot

Hi virginia and welcome.
Not sure what’s going on…need some details.

What nero application are you using?
Is this your first attempt?
First failure?
What is the target size in nero and file size on your hdd?
Are you burning to a SL disc?

Dear Maineman,
Thanks for your quick reply.
I’m using Nero Premium 7.
Yep, this is a 1st failure after I upgrade to DVDFab Decrypter Beta 4 (because the older version of DVDFab Decrypter can’t backup this movie to HardDisk)
The folder size on HD is 7.75Gb and I can watch the movie w/Nero or WP11 on PC
After that, I’m trying to burn this movie to DVD disc by Nero Pre 7 w/ option fit to DVD-5.

Sorry, I’m pretty much in the dark re: nero 7. I’ve heard comments that “7” is “buggy” but it sounds like it’s been doing fine by you. On occasion, I’ll use nero recode2 - v., but pretty rare these days.
Only thing that comes to mind right off since you’ll need to compress the file, is to plug it into shrink…simply as a work-around.

I’m guessing you never received this “Out of memory” error before?. I think it may be related to new copy protection via a blank (or “bad”) sector, since the error pops up under nero [VERIFYERR].
You could also monitor your cpu and memory usage in task manager…just to see what’s up.
Sorry not to be more help.

Good luck.

Hello Maineman,
I just got the message “Out of Memory” from Nero when I use to burn the movie Silent Hill only. Another movies like Poseidon, Inside Man or Basic Instict 2 are OK.
You mean I can compress the folder movie (Silent Hill) on HDD and burn it to disc by DVD Shrink?

Are you trying to burn all 7 gb on a single layer disc? This is not possible.

To fit on a single layer disc you can use dvd shrink, removing all unwanted stuff (for example foreign languages) to reduce compression ratio

That’s right. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s extremely versatile and easy to use; one more very useful tool for your toolbox.
Official download site is here.

Once you open the application, simply click on “file” (upper left), click “open” and navigate to the appropriate folder. From here, you’ll be able to choose main title only, alter compression ratios for the various files, etc., etc., as geno stated above.
If you interested in a any sort of tutorial, this guide by Cynthia, is outstanding, as are all her guides.

Any problems just post back.
Hope this helps.

Hrmm, when I try to use DVDFab (v. I get the following:

Failed when copying DVD.: 8193

It’s on the hard-drive, and I can watch bits of the movie, but then it throws out errors here and there. I haven’t tried backing it up to disk yet, as I don’t want to waste a blank DVD.

Any advice?

EDIT: I found an updated copy of DVDFab, and was able to get the movie to my hard-drive without any issues.

When using Nero Recode, we can select the option “Fit to Target” and then chose the type of your disc as of DVD-5, DVD-9, 8cm DVD (1.4Gb) or Custom.
I was use this soft to burn a lot of movies from HDD to disc before and no problem.

For Maineman,
Thanks for your guides, I was try DVDShrink to backup the movie from HDD to ISO format, but after about 7 minutes running OK (30% of movie), I got the same message “Out of Memory”

How much memory do you have on your system?


I have 2 computers Main Asus P4 2.4 w/1Gb Ram and Main Intel P4 3.0 w/4Gb Ram and I got the same message on both.

Hey Virginia,

Back up on post #4, I suggested monitoring your cpu and memory usage with task manager. Did you catch that and have you tried?

As Mack suggests, posting your specs, such as RAM, might help us out.

Oh oh…sorry I’m still old and slow, :eek: I guess…

I still think it may be a copy protection issue and may be locking up your systems. Do you have the same dvdfabdecrypter version on both pcs?

Yes, same version of DVDFab Decrypter, Nero, DVDShrink, Windows XP w/SP2…

That is more than enough memory, but some programs do not release memory when shut down. You can down load free programs that will free up memory or shut down your computer every once in a while. Windows will use HD as memory when no ram is available. Also once a HD reaches half its capacity performance slows. I have got that message several times before I started using Fab.


All progs on the both of my current systems are: DVDFab Decrypter, DVDShrink, DVDRebuilder, Nero 7, MS Office 2003, Photoshop CS2.
But I didn’t run any progs when I use DVDShrink to do a backup job.

Hi Mack,
Can you specify the name of a progs I can use to free memory?

If you’re game, you may want to try another decrypting utility (also free and has had good feeback)…
With some luck, my bet is that you will not receive the memroy error.

Let us know…