Silences in music tracks




Does anybody know how I can erase the silences in the beginning and at the end of a music track?



audio catalyst does this during cd-ripping.
You can do it afterwards with cool-edit or some other prog.


If you mean while burning a CD,try burning it Disc-At-Once…


pSycHo DaD


It depends on your writer if it still writes silences in disc-a-once mode. Not all writers fully support it! I use CloneCD on my hp7200i(you just have to make acopy). Or you can use CDRWin (make disk image and cuesheet and edit the cuesheet in notepad and erase alle the ‘index 00 xx:xx:xx’ and burn it).


easy cd creator:
disc at once only for live and ‘fluently’ mixed cd’s, don’t use it for regular cd’s, you’ll loose some music beginning+end of songs



If you’re using Nero, use the Audio CD layout and then drag and drop the tracks to the project window. Highlight all of the tracks EXCEPT the 1st track. Right click with your mouse and you will see a pop up. Choose properties and “there” you will see “2” seconds between tracks. Change this to “0”. Then burn. Neat thing about this with Nero is that you can burn on the fly and it will eliminate the 2 second gaps. Hope this helps.


Whoops, sorry, I asked the question wrong.
I don’t mean between tracks when you are recording an audio cd.
I mean, in some mp3’s the mp3 ends, but there are still 6 seconds left in which you hear nothing, how can you erase these silences?
Is PCDJ Phat any good for that?