Silence the 3520 v1.05 beta 3?

whenever i playback dvds on this baby it sounds like a jet taking off…anyway i can quiet this beast for pleasant playbacks?

It is probably happening because “RipLock” has been changed in firmware you are using.

So only fix would be to use firmware where RipLock is not modified. Which probably means going back to using unmodified firmwares.

Could a program like DVDIdle help eliminate this noise when watching movies?
thekuai - I’m not sure, but this program might help you…try it and see.

Why not use Nero DriveSpeed from and set read speed to 5x or 1x while watching a movie? :stuck_out_tongue:

i can change the read speed for cds but not dvds…possibly because of riplock? anyway to enable riplock while ripping dvds and disabling it for watching dvds? anyway to have beta 3 without riplock?