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When i rip audio from a cd that is in a mix (Disc at Once) an save them to Wav files, everything is okay. But when i than make MP3’s of them it adds just a little silence at the begining and ending of each file. I Tried AudioCatalyst, MP3 Compressor v0.9f and an internal MP3 saver from Cool Edit Pro v1.2. They all do the same. I Also tried 3 Different PC’s running win95 + 98.

Can someone tell how to prevent this, coz now i can’t rip any mixes.

Thanx in advance,

pSyChO dAd


Had this problem once also,

I think I did it like so:

ripped all tracks to wav’s
opened the windows C:\WINDOWS\SNDREC32.EXE
opened the first file, (don’t know the option in english)
something like insert file go to the part where the silence begins, use cut from there
do it for all files.
save the wav, convert to mp3.

Is there an easier way for this ?


Ehm… Well the thing is, i did the exact same thing. Only I used Cool Edit Pro. After having removed the silence from the wav’s they play fine. But after MP3-ing the silences are there again ???


pSyChO dAd


That’s true Wilma, but have you ever tried putting one of those mp3’s back onto an audio cd. You just get one big track. So there’s no more skipping to another track that way.

The thing that’s bothering me is, why does it work on some and doesn’t it work on other audio cd’s ???

I’ve ripped Ben Liebrands Millenium Mix to MP3, and this works great. But WHY doesn’t it work on other cd’s…

Thanks for your comment anyways.


PsYcHo DaD

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