Sil 3512 SATA chipset (SATA 150 PCI RAID Card)



Hi Forum,

Recently I had Sil 3512 chipset based SATA 150 PCI RAID Controller with Samsung 1 TB hard driver for existing computer as an add on extra storage to have more disk space for download.

The hardware installation on to the PC gone without any problem, including low level format and Windows XP disk manager format for NTFS level.
The drive mapped as G: drive on the XP computer.

After few days later I try to access the G: drive the computer get int prolong wait state and finally hung only hard boot (reset) by switch OFF/ON. These problem occur only when I try to access G: drive; as I analysied using utility “computer management–>disk management” the existing disk browser has browsed all the existing drive including G: drive. But displayed G: dive with a yellow exclamaition mark indicating word - error. While volume header dipicted by Healthy (At risk) sentence.
I wonder how it possible (error) without any changed to existing hardware since installation?

I hope if some one has similar problem in past may able to remedise my current issue with this controller. Using Windows XP with SP3 (32 bit) the device manager -> property option does not allow to make FLASH bios change hence I can assume there were no possibility of upgrading BIOS version in this PCI Card.

Thank in advance, any one who can shed light on this issue, please.


Hi shylock_1, welcome to the club :slight_smile:

When you formatted the drive was it a low level format or a quick format? For a new drive its possible that its bad, and a low level format and running scan disc will help determine that.


A complete full backup it took almost day to format at low level. I can see there is no problem there.

I managed to resolve the problem !

Thanks for help.