Signature Edit (colors and fonts)

How is everyone?
Can’t seem to change the color of letters or the font for my signature. Getting mad as :a .
I see most of you with different colored sentences and cool stuff. I can’t seem to figure it out.
Please help.
Tried this for an example. Seems I’ve got the smiles down. lol. :clap:

select the text you want to change and the font will come up in the drop down box with the size next to it, press the drop down box and a list of fonts will pop up. then select the large bold “A” next to the font size to get a colour pallette select the colour you want from that then deselect the text to see what it has done

Now I’m getting somewhere.
Thanks alot slayerking couldn’t have done it without this great community!
My best to all the CD Freaks members.