Signal copy protected problem

After visiting this forum a few times , i figure if any 1 can answer my question its the people here. I burn an xvid movie from my computer to a dvd+r ( Pioneer dvr110). I then put it in my Phillips dvp642 , which i have connected to my RCA DRC8320N set top dvd writer. When i try to copy , the RCA gives me a signal protection status. I have a Optex VO760 digital stabilizer , which doesnt help the problem. If i use my old Himage dvd set top writer it works fine.( But the finished product sucks). I want to be able to burn 4 xvid movies to 1 dvd+r in 8hr mode to play on most dvd players without dixv capabilities. Sorry for such a long question , but i wanted to give as much info as possible. Is there anything i can do to fix this or am i stuck with my old Himage writer. Thankyou for your time.