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With its Xcard, Sigma Designs is the first manufacturer to offer a hardware decoder for MPEG-4. This means that older computers with slower processors in particular stand to gain from this…

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it’s junk, doesnt support 3.11 divx, only v4 and up

ah here it is in the article :slight_smile: — A distinction should be made regarding the different Divx codecs: only films using version 4.02 or higher of the Divx codec are supported by the Sigma Designs decoder. In our test field, the recently launched Divx 5.02 codec did not present any problems. ---- so basicly, only good for your own silly rips, nothing decent, no divx 3.11 sbc rlses =) but this opens the market, now lets have more cards with more support :slight_smile:

Even with an Intel Pentium II/300 it is now possible to play a Divx-MPEG-4 film in full-screen mode smoothly
Reminds me of the good old Linux days. Now using the evil, satanic Windows XP.
so basicly, only good for your own silly rips, nothing decent, no divx 3.11 sbc rlses =)
Bah! DivX 5 rips look just as good if done properly. Quoting a releaser:
Not all sceners are created equal. I’m an avid XviD supporter, however, you need to see the view of the scene in this regard also. We cannot switch codecs every 3 months when something ‘better’ comes along, therefore, a collective decision to wait until a formal XviD release has been made. Until then, many people, including myself, test and test and test, patiently familiarizing ourselves with XviD so that when that milestone does come, we’ll already be completely familiar with its caveats, its behavior, and so forth to effortlessly make the switch.

great card. I am using hollywood plus, but as soon as I have more money, I am going to buy the Xcard. to remove region protection and macrovision, go to