:sighs: same old, same old, scratched up dvd, need saving



I have a scratched up dvd and I want to save it.

Everything copies save one .99gb vob file (not surprising really :P).

I saved dvd’s before, but can’t remember how anymore :rolleyes:

Any advise?


If you do a search, you will find numerous methods people have used to help out with scratched dvd’s/cd’s. Try using ISOBUSTER to copy the dvd to your hd, then reburn to a new dvd.


I have been trying to use DVD decryptor, its been going on and on for about eight hours now. Can’t be good for the dvd drive :-\

Its found 265 read errors…

I’ll try using ISOBUSter I guess…


your local rental shop might offer resurfacing services for a fwe bucks or you can try a internet search and see if it’s worth buying your own resurfacer (I don’t know how much they are)

other tactics include everything from toothpaste to furnitur polish to brasso…

if a software program rpis it, consider yourself lucky.

scratches and other disc defects are the best copy protections!


well I saved a really bad dvd once, a small part of it had actually chipped off (if its any indication of how badly damaged it was), so I don’t see why this one can’t be saved in the same way… whatever that way was…


well I give up, my dvd drive has started making a wierd sound, I thinkt he motor has gotten kind of squeaky, after 24 hours of continuous work on the damn dvd…

I give up.

The dvd plays well enough, is there a way to record the image as it comes through?