//sigh The SIMS

I have Lite-on 40125S, ZS0N
I use CloneXXL to check the protection and
buy using the same settings in CloneCD.

The setting of reading,
OFF: Read Subchannel Data from Data Tracks
ON : Regenerate Data Sectors

AEQ: Medium
OFF: Read Subchannel Data from Audio Tracks
OFF: Only Read the First Session

Error Handling
FES: Auto
OFF: Abort on Read Errors
OFF: Don’t Report Read Errors
OFF: Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner
Gray: 1 Sector Skip

The setting of writing,
ON : the AWS
OFF: don’t repair subchannel data
ON : always close last session

Well… I finally bought all of them.
Living Large…
House Party…
Hot Dates…

I install and run the The SIMS, LL, HP perfectly.

Then I encounter a problem with Hot Dates,
while installing, it mention a file (loopwave?) is read only.
okay… I ignore it, and the music is corrupted while
the words scrolling from right to left (the startup screen)

then… Vacations… it said a large file something.far is
corrupted also… compare to what inside the cab.

well… The Unleashes installs okay, but when I runs it,
The Windows Error will occur and Error Log will appears.
but I can enter the game okay with the original CD.

I install and play on a computer with Panasonic CDROM

Any Advice?

After reading other posts in this Forum,
I will try using the profiles provided here.
since I am dealing with SD2xxxxx CD.

I will tell the results. :slight_smile: