Sifonr inexplicably combines P2P file sharing & video chat

Sifonr inexplicably combines P2P file sharing & video chat.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A new peer-to-peer file-sharing service is allowing users to not only share pictures, audio clips, and videos, but also encourages real-time chat via text and webcam.

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“it seems like this would be a great way for accusers to more easily put a personal identity with an IP address”

I think actually the opposite if you know your illegally sharing files then it would be easy enough to put up a fake picture or a picture of the neighbor you don’t like that uses the same internet service as you thus actually making it even harder for yourself to be caught or if caught harder for them to make a case against you.

Second stupidest idea this year … after that public USB virus/malware trading scheme announced last week.

That said … it’s going to be very popular … just like Myspace & Facebook.

The universe just invents bigger and better idiots :stuck_out_tongue:

In the next update: When you logged into your laptop via your fingerprint, this information will be transfered right into the legal database.

Chatroullete with file-sharing! Ummm yeah, no thanks.