Side effects of Fixative Sprays?

Hello, everybody. I was reading up about spray fixing printed DVDs. A lot of people seem to love the quality, but I wonder if there are any problems. Stick on DVD labels are known to cause reading problems months after they’re applied (a very painful lesson to learn). I was wondering if the spray fixative does something similar, especially after sitting a few months on a disc. Has anybody ever had any problems?

Sprays are usually very toxic - especially the lacquer/solvent based ones! I use an NIOSH-certified breathing mask when I spray now. Otherwise I will feel nauseous and get headaches! I can’t spray outdoors in the winter, plus all the dust that floats around in a near-desert environment where I live (Calgary, Alberta, Canada).

Sprays shouldn’t cause any issues provided it is certified for photo prints - a bad spray can cause yellowing or even react with the ink. Also, be careful not to get spray on the data side of the disc - it could possibly eat through the plastic.

Spray technique is also very important - usually the instructions say to keep the spray 12-18 inches above the surface. If you don’t, you’ll get mottling and runs, which will ruin the look of the print (I learned that the hard way!).

But so far I haven’t heard any issues when sprayed properly. Popular sprays are made by Krylon, PremierArt, Patricia Novac (or whatever her name is, I keep forgetting - look for it at WalMart - some complaints about yellowing over time though), and others.

I’ve used Patricia Nimock’s spray for years on a WIDE variety of discs: white/silver, regular/hub, cheap/expensive. I haven’t noticed any yellowing or other bad effects. But the fumes are STRONG, especially since I like to spray several layers.

Thanks, guys. I’ve tried using the Krylon Preserve It digital photo spray. It goes on ok, but how long has it taken the fumes to go away in your experience?

Another “vote” for Patricia Nimock’s… I’ve used it on thousnads of inkjet printable discs… Use adequate ventiliation, though. The fumes don’t last terribly long, but, they are strong at first.

billboy, the sweet smell lasts a LONG time. I have some discs I sprayed months ago and the smell is still there. I don’t know if they will ever go away - they are inside their disc cases so that may be part of the problem.

Oh come on now forget about sprays - I want THIS for christmas !

This sure beats any sprays! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:Z :Z I’ve rented movies with that crap on them. It comes off also with use.

Have you tried fixative spray with a glossy photo disc? (verbatim)

is it really necessary?


For the verbatims, you will need to spray them if you want to protect them from liquids (water, spit, greasy hands). But some people don’t use them because they don’t allow others to handle them. :slight_smile:

Anybody tried an older disc with the spray on? Did it still function well? I’m a little paranoid about this.

I’ve used clear acrylic on a range of discs, they are fine after a year or more. If you’re concerned, use something intended for artwork. The odds are far better that you will destroy the discs yourself by dropping them or scratching.

Hmm there were problems reported at the german board rohlingtest which is these days part of the German DOOM9 forum.

Can you be a little more specific? Languages aren’t my strong suit.